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Welcome to our team!

AGASOIL LLC is engaged in oil and gas sales with numerous international clients. Our company is managed by a diverse team with extensive experience in the petroleum and alternative energy-related industry. 

Our leadership team has successfully executed petroleum and alternative energy contracts since 1978. Not only do we strive for mutually beneficial outcomes and transparency, we also take every opportunity to conduct business with those companies that consider and value issues in social responsibility and human rights.  

AGASOIL LLC has been a trusted trade member of the World Trade Centers Association, we are a reliable player in the Oil business with a growing list of offices and duly registered in USA and China, including those in Europe and Africa. Our resources and strengths have established us as a major provider in the global energy market while enhancing our status as a global player in oil and LNG trading. 

 AGASOIL team borne from the experience gained over the years in the sector of petroleum products trade. The contacts cultivated worldwide and the deep knowledge of the international market allow us to offer, not only a brokerage service, but a real full deep degree consulting on the petroleum supply products in foreign market.

We not only favor the meeting between supply and demand, but we assist buyers and sellers in all contractual aspects, with particular attention to international legal aspects, in order to structure contracts and procedures that protect the parties and can allow the international trade most nimble and secure possible.

AGASOIL  takes advantage from the collaboration of agents in various countries and from the partnership of important international players who immediately recognized our professionalism and chose us as collaborators in this business, closing important contracts immediately.

We aware of the importance of this industry decided to develop an easy way to supply our customers. Taking advantage from the partners experience nowadays AGASOIL is well known in oil and energy industry.

AGASOIL team has unparalleled global resources to help you to obtain commodity you require. To best suit your needs, we offer you the simplicity of a single point of reliable and long term service.